EXP One Oil System Cleaner: E-Z Pouch (8 oz.)

$ 8.95

EXPone® Oil System Cleaner provides more power, less emissions, and less consumption to the engine by removing sludge, corrosion, and varnishes. (8 fl. oz.)

Now available in our brand new E-Z Pouch™.

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  • Does not contain oil-thinning kerosene or mineral spirits
  • Removes sludge, corrosion, and varnishes in engine
  • Improves compression and reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • Cleans and quiets valve lifters
  • Neutralizes acids inside engine
  • Extends life span of engine


Add to oil system cleaner prior to oil change. Run engine at idle for 10-15 minutes. Proceed with proper oil change and filter replacement. Treats up to 6 quarts of oil. Consult owners' manual.

Recommended Use:

Extreme Polymers LLC recommends using EXPone® Oil System Cleaner with every oil change.

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