EXP One Xtreme Performance: Heavy Duty (32 oz.)

EXP One Xtreme Performance: Heavy Duty (32 oz.)

$ 39.95

Utilizing a unique Flouro-ceramic Polymer, known as Cermilion™, EXPone® outperforms all other Engine Treatments. EXPone® is designed to increase performance and efficiency, and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. EXPone® Heavy Duty incorporates TBN Booster, an advanced formula specifically designed for larger systems.

EXPone® Heavy Duty with TBN Booster is designed for systems of 6 quarts or more. This advanced formula protects systems under extreme conditions and use including: diesels, semi-trucks, industrial fleet accounts, and large machinery including: airplanes, trains, and maritime vessels. (32 fl. oz.)

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  • Increases and stabilizes oil pressure
  • Increases efficiency and performance
  • Reduces engine and oil temperature
  • Reduces friction and wear on critical components
  • Reduces thermal breakdown of lubricants
  • Eliminates cold and dry starting
  • Higher TBN (Total Base Number)
  • Lower TAN (Total Acid Number)
  • Increased lubricity


  • Improved performance and longevity of vehicle
  • Increased savings in fuel and maintenance costs


Treat at a ratio of 20% EXPone® Heavy Duty and 80% primary lubricant.

Recommended Use:

Extreme Polymers LLC recommends using EXPone® with every oil change.

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